My Spring Fever VoxBox came yesterday! I was attending my cousin’s graduation, so I didn’t get to unbox it until this morning. (My co-workers were eagerly awaiting the unboxing too haha.)

I’ve already used the NYC New York Color Applelicious Glossy Lip Balm several times today. Reviews and more thoughts to come later!

(Disclaimer: I received these products complimentary for testing purposes from Influenster.)

Palmolive® soft touch™ Review (My First!)

About two weeks ago, I received my first product from Influenster and my co-workers couldn’t understand why I was so excited about dish soap. But it was exciting, indeed! Before I moved back home, I used nice method products. My parents on the other hand buy boring Kirkland-brand dish soap in bulk from Costco. This Palmolive soft touch delivery made dishwashing fun again. (But why couldn’t they capitalize the name of their product?)

Influenster sent me two versions, Aloe and Vitamin E. I’m technically keeping them both but sharing them with my parents, and I’ve only used the Vitamin E so far.

Palmolive’s claim: “Palmolive is Tough on Grease, Soft on Hands.”

The best thing about the Vitamin E version is how great it smells. It’s not too perfume-y, but just fragrant enough. The scent itself is hard to describe, but it’s a bit fruity, even though the pink froth looks like cotton candy. As for the “soft on hands” claim, I haven’t used this product long enough to see if it will always be gentle with my skin, but it hasn’t dried out my usually dry hands so far.

The bubbles are delightful, but the liquid does seem a bit runny and the lather can be a bit too much. I’m not showering with this stuff.

My first impression is that Palmolive soft touch dish soap is worth it, if only for the experience it adds to such a boring task. “Delightful” is absolutely how I would describe using this product.

You can find out more about Palmolive soft touch at Palmolive’s site, read other reviews on Influenster, and purchase it at Walmart.

(Disclaimer: I received this item complimentary from Influenster and all opinions are my own.)